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Welcome to our website.

   We are an independent freight forwarding company that specializes in ocean freights and value added services related to ocean shipping.

We were founded in 1997 as a trucking brokerage firm. Since those early days we significantly enriched our service array, which now comprises a comprehensive, fully fledged freight forwarding and logistics package.

   Our convenient location within Commercial Port of Gdynia, in the vicinity of container terminals, enables us to easily and directly contact with all parties involved in cargo handling related activities: Customs Office, stevedores, cargo surveyors, veterinary and phytosanitary officials.

Containerised cargoes and heavy lifts are our specialty!

   Our experienced business associates establish optimal transport and logistics solutions for your supply chains, domestic and international.
   Our well grounded position and successful cooperation with largest ocean carriers benefit our customers with attractive and most competitive freight rates in any trade lane in the world. We transit  most of our shipments through all Polish container terminals in Gdynia, Gdańsk and Szczecin, as well as through ports of Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Rotterdam.

Please try our services and you will not be disappointed.

DALTON. Freight professionals. International Grasp. Personal Touch. 

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DALTON Sp. z o.o. Adres:
Al. Solidarności 1C, 81-336 Gdynia
058 621 58 85, 058 627 44 69
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2017-10-18 14:13:20
Jesienne ponadgabaryty
  Transport ładunków ponadgabarytowych to jedna z naszych specjalizacji ...

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